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Afghanistan: Aviation Leaders in the Making: 150+ Employees Trained at NAS Ariana

Afghanistan : Wednesday, July 16, 2014

National Aviation Services (NAS) and Ariana Afghan Airlines have been awarded the exclusive right for ten years to provide comprehensive airport ground handling services at Kabul, Kandahar and Herat International Airports in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. NAS, with its team of highly focused and motivated individuals, now has a foothold in more than 15 airports across three continents providing world-class ground handling services in emerging markets while achieving operational and financial success. Ariana Afghan Airlines with over 60 years of experience in the aviation industry is the leading carrier in Afghanistan. Ariana has been the symbol of the very Afghan tradition and its world renowned hospitality. With Ariana’s experience in the industry and NAS’s capabilities in provision of ground handling services, the new JV NAS-Ariana, will take aviation services in Afghanistan to new heights.

Employees at NAS-Ariana are the main pillars of their success. Since commencement of operations in Kabul, they have invested in manpower and capacity building. To NAS-Ariana, capacity building is more than training. It is the establishment of sustainable mechanisms that allows an organization to empower itself by developing its human capital. NAS-Ariana is committed to fostering capacity building initiatives that will empower each and every individual that works in their organization through programs that target development of specific professional skills and business practices. Bob Fleming, Chief Executive Officer of Ariana Afghan Airlines stated, “I would like to compliment the NAS side of the NAS-Ariana Ground Handling JV because of the extremely positive changes I have noticed since the NAS-Ariana JV took control. In addition, many of my colleagues at the Department of Defense and the Task force have taken the time to let me know of the very positive and dramatic changes they too have noticed at the Kabul International Airport, in the overall ground handling, but in particular with the airport counter passenger service personnel.” The travel industry is fast paced and dynamic with the highest growth potential. This is why NAS-Ariana has invested heavily in the training of our current and new employees. Their aim is to provide aspiring aviation professionals with all the requisite tools to enjoy a successful career in aviation. The NAS Training Center offers the latest and most comprehensive training programs in the fields of aviation and hospitality. These programs are certified and are designed and developed by trained professionals with years of hands-on experience in their respective industries. In just two years, they have granted 8,000+ certificates globally to students in 250 different courses. The objective is to thoroughly immerse their employees in the local customs, regulations and expectations of customers where they operate. They work hand in hand with government agencies tasked with capacity building to develop a labor pool knowledgeable in aviation related technical skills. Some of the many courses already conducted in Afghanistan are:1) Airside Safety Fundamentals and Airport Security Awareness: Promote airside safety through awareness, understand aviation security and its importance, establish a safe working environment and a ramp safety culture. 2) Dangerous Goods Regulations Awareness: Identify hazard and handling labels which are used for air transportation of dangerous goods and apply relevant emergency procedures. 3) Aviation Customer Services: Focus on customer service and communication skills, exceeding customers’ expectations and identify the key factors for service quality. 4) GSE Operation Training: Identify and understand the different Ground Support Equipment and how to operate them safely. 5) Basic Airport Operations: Basic aviation terminology, understand all the systems and ground handling related activities at the airport, knowledge of aircraft turnaround activities and understanding the basic knowledge of the passenger handling process.

In the coming months, many courses will continue running with more emphasis on Dangerous Goods, Safety, GSE Equipment, Passenger Services and Hospitality. Over the next three months, NAS-Ariana employees in Kandahar and Herat will also be undergoing training with refresher courses every few months. One of the employees, Ghulam Dastageer expressed, “I am very happy and satisfied with the first training I received in 15 years. It has truly helped me and my colleagues with our work in operations. I am looking forward to the other courses over the next few months.” “Since Afghanistan is a landlocked country, the Aviation industry has a significant role in its economic development. Our aim is to continuously train our employees with the knowledge and tools they require to advance and become leaders in the aviation industry. We have invested heavily in the training of staff and this has been one of our many priorities towards achieving our mission of improving the standard of the aviation sector in Afghanistan.” –Mr. Naseer Ahmad Hakimi, President, Ariana Afghan Airlines.