Service Portfolio

Engineering & Line Maintenance

Dedicated engineering units perform services vital to on-time turnarounds and departures, such as gate push backs of commercial and military aircraft; scheduled maintenance of motorized and non-motorized ground support equipment, and maintenance of NAS facilities. The engineering department, which includes an operation control center (OCC), is typically located at an airport’s ramp area, giving the OCC the unique advantage of visual contact with aircraft moving on the airfield. The operational control center is fully equipped with communications displays regarding flight schedules and control tower information.

NAS engineering is the linchpin of quick and efficient ground operations that build the schedule integrity that customers rely on to enhance their own performance and profitability. NAS line maintenance fully understands the responsibility of signing off an aircraft while maintaining 100 percent dispatch reliability. Our crews have achieved the highest regulatory aircraft maintenance standard (EASA Part 145). This accreditation from the European Aviation Safety Agency permits NAS to operate as a line maintenance station to certify aircraft and perform maintenance and operations checks. We have earned maintenance authorizations from the regulatory authorities in countries where we operate, and we fully comply with government safety requirements. In addition, we are an approved aircraft maintenance organization (AMO) operator with the scope to certify multiple models Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

The services we provide under our Engineering umbrella include:

Aircraft Line Maintenance Services:

The confidence of our customers has propelled NAS Engineering to attain greater heights in such a short span of becoming a major Line Maintenance Service Provider at the airports we serve. The quality systems and procedures laid down by NAS is set to the highest international standards and includes the latest Safety Management System; it’s thorough incorporation and implementation has brought continuous improvements to the system.

Technical Ramp Handling:

We possess the latest state-of-the-art aircraft Ground Support Equipments providing pushback, GPU, ACU, ASU, potable water, aircraft cabin cleaning & exterior wash.

Operation Control Center (OCC):

OCC controls the flow of services and ensures safe and smooth operations. It acts as a centralized communication control center to ensure the availability of sufficient resources at all times. OCC also acts as an for ERP center. It is fully equipped with modern capabilities such as land & mobile lines, flight information display system, Airnav, VHF & UHF, SITA, FAX etc.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Maintenance Workshop:

GSE Maintenance Workshop is responsible for the complete GSE maintenance activities for motorized and non-motorized equipment as per the manufacturer's recommendations based on the maintenance plan achieved by highly qualified technicians. NAS possesses a state-of-the-art computerized asset management system known as MAXIMO which ensures all maintenance activities are carried out in a timely manner and recorded in the right way.


The NAS Stock Management Store can offer aircraft spare part storage and administration in compliance with strict aviation standards. This service is currently being rendered to some of our clients at certain locations.

Support Services AOG / Defect Situations:

We understand the AOG situations and provide swift responsive support through our integral strong cargo department round the clock. By facilitating on-time departures for transit & turn-around flights, NAS Engineering enables quick and efficient ground handling services to our client airlines thereby reducing their costs.