News & Media Facilitates the Return of Article 20 Workers to Kuwait

Kuwait : Sunday, December 6, 2020

National Aviation Services (NAS) led the development of, a new website to facilitate the return of Article 20 workers from the 34 high-risk countries to Kuwait for the Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) in Kuwait.

The complete package for bringing back each Article 20 worker is only 270 KD including accommodation for 14 days as per the regulations of the Ministry of Health , meals and the three PCR tests. Airline fares will vary according to their location with charter flights being organized in cooperation with Kuwait Airways and Jazeera Airways. Previously, it would cost no less than 1,000 KD to bring a worker back from these countries via transit countries with a 14 day quarantine at both ends.

With sponsors as well as travel agents to book flights for the workers, organize PCR test appointments and view PCR test results via mobile phones, laptops or personal computers.

The passenger can board their flight on the appointed date and time, following a negative PCR test result. On arrival to Kuwait, they undergo another PCR test. If negative, they get transported to a special quarantine facility where they will stay for 14 days with full board. At the end of the quarantine, they will be subjected to another PCR test. If this PCR test is again negative, the sponsor is free to receive their worker from the accommodation. aims to help sponsors bring back their workers to Kuwait in a faster, smoother and safer manner. By ensuring the workers that board the flight are COVID-19 free, helps protect the health of other passengers, airport staff and the Kuwaiti population. It also assists the fulfillment of COVID-19 travel requirements with reduced waiting time and disruption.

Agents on the ground will call and follow up with the passengers and a 24-hour helpdesk is also available to answer queries or address any technical challenges. closely follows, the first of its kind technology launched earlier by the DGCA and NAS for the convenience of all travelers departing from and arriving to Kuwait. recently won the Handler-Airline Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards 2020. NAS has also partnered with Global Response Aid to develop the global platform MUNA which connects certified labs using block chain technology to ensure authenticity and validity of PCR testing certificates.

With the anticipated return of thousands of domestic works back to Kuwait, it becomes extremely important to ensure that the airport operates with the highest health standards while making the process both faster and smoother for the convenience of sponsors and the workers.