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NAS Partners with Thomas International for Talent Management Tools and Training

Kuwait : Wednesday, December 19, 2018

People are core to the NAS business across its network in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. With more than 8,000 employees and a rapidly growing footprint, talent management is extremely important.

NAS recently partnered with Thomas International, leading global provider of people assessment tools which work together to give a full insight into what makes people successful. They also offer a range of training workshops and courses complement these tools to help nurture people and empower a high-performance culture.

NAS has adopted the Thomas assessment tools and training to eliminate subjectivity and ensure that the right talent is attracted, developed and retained per their caliber. The hiring and selection tool coupled with staff development and promotion system ensure that all NAS employees are treated to the best career opportunities while helping the company retain and hone skilled and capable talent.

Rabah Bu Hamdan, Group Chief Human Resources Officer highlighted “NAS is a performance driven organization that cares for its people. The Thomas International assessment tools and training is just one of our many efforts to nurture our employees people and empower a high-performance culture.”