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NAS Afghanistan Renews IATA De-icing and Anti-icing Services Certification

Kabul, Afghanistan : Thursday, April 12, 2018

Kabul, Afghanistan, 12 April 2018 - National Aviation Services (NAS) has renewed its International Air Transport Association (IATA) certification for de-icing and anti-icing services for airlines at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. The certification is now renewed till 2020.

With winter weather reaching sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice settles on the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers of the aircraft. This adds extra weight on the aircraft and disrupts air flow that reduces lift. It can also disrupt the movement of the wings' flaps and ailerons, which could lead to critical incidents or even could lead to crash the flights. This makes de-icing extremely important before take-off.

In 2016, NAS was the first ground handling company in Afghanistan to receive the IATA De-Icing/Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool (DAQCP) certification by following stringent international standards and safety procedures. The DAQCP currently consists of about 100 member airlines and through its active members, performs inspections on approximately 600 companies that provide de-icing/anti-icing services and post de-icing/anti-icing checks at more than 300 airports worldwide.

NAS Afghanistan also holds the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) certification in Kabul, having passed with the ISAGO audit with a perfect score for the second time in 2017. These are just two among various other certifications that help demonstrate NAS’s ongoing commitment to safety and security in all its operations in the country.

In Afghanistan, NAS partners with Ariana Afghan Airlines to form the Ariana – NAS joint venture. Ariana NAS, the exclusive ground handler at Kabul International Airport, also provides services at the Herat and Kandahar International Airports. Through its operations different operations in Afghanistan, NAS serves ten airlines and an average of 900,000 passengers per day. Reinforced with an employee base of more than 360 employees and over 175 pieces of ground support equipment, contributes greatly in the areas of employment, training and infrastructure developments.

Globally, NAS has a presence in more than 30 airports, handles seven out of the world’s top 10 airlines and manages over 31 airport lounges.